Planning A Funeral Service For A Public Figure


Planning a funeral can be difficult enough when you know that most of the people who will show up are family and friends that are known to you. But when you have to plan a funeral for a person who was in the public eye, even in a minor way, things can be more complicated. A person doesn't need to have been an international celebrity to draw a large crowd at their funeral — if your loved one was, for example, a popular local politician, it's likely that they touched many lives and that many people will want to pay their respects.

31 March 2021

Funeral Services After a Miscarriage


A miscarriage is a very particular kind of tragedy, and there's no right or wrong way to process the aftermath. Some families might wish to simply assimilate their pain and move on, without any type of funeral service. Others will decide to acknowledge that they've lost a member of their family, even when they didn't get a chance to meet the newest member of their family, and will want to give the occasion the sense of ceremony they believe it needs.

4 January 2021