A Unique Funeral Service

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine passed away. This sweet woman was incredibly unique. Besides adoring vintage clothing, she always had extremely short hair. After her death, her son wanted to plan a funeral service with her unique style in mind. So, he immediately started working with the helpful staff at a respected funeral home in our hometown. After relaying his desires to the professional employees at the funeral home, my friend’s son decided to omit a viewing on the night before the funeral. Instead, he had the funeral home staff bring his mother’s body to the church two hours before the funeral service. He also gave anyone who wanted to speak at the funeral service an opportunity. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful ways the staff at a funeral home can help you plan a unique funeral for a loved one.

3 Ways To Prepare For A Cremation When Your Loved One Passes On


With increased changing views when it comes to death, cremation is now popular in many parts of the world. People are continuously seeking a deeper spiritual understanding and the environmental benefits of the practice, hence embracing it. Cremations are also a cheaper method of interring a deceased person compared to burying them. That said, if this is your first cremation ceremony, you should take time to understand what the process entails. Here are four ways you can prepare for the service when your loved one passes on. 

Engage the Family in a Discussion

Your loved one might have written down in their final will that they wished their body cremated when they passed on. In addition to honoring such wishes, you also want to ensure that the family understands what the process entails. If your loved one did not state it as their final wish but you are considering it, make sure all family members agree with your decision. Note that the next of kin will have to sign off for the process to take place. Some people shy away from the process because of their spiritual beliefs. It is best to have an open discussion about the death of a loved one and answer all questions to help your family members understand and accept the cremation. 

Speak With a Funeral Professional

Once you have the green light from your loved ones, you want to speak to a funeral expert about the process. They will tell you whether they offer the service on their premises, the cost of the service and when they have an opening. You can schedule the cremation on a date most comfortable for everyone. Remember, if you want to remain with the ashes, you have to shop for an urn to store them. Also, if you want people to pay their final respects by viewing the body, it is best to organize a viewing ceremony either on or before the cremation day.

Consider the Funeral Service

You might want to hold a funeral service for a loved one, even with cremation in mind. You could choose to have a religious service if the person was religious or skip the service for a memorial. The key is ensuring that you make and implement all plans before conducting the final send-off. 

These are simple steps to take when preparing your loved one for a cremation. Remember that when you plan well ahead, you will have a hassle-free process. Make sure to hire a funeral service provider for the best results.  


9 September 2021