A Unique Funeral Service

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine passed away. This sweet woman was incredibly unique. Besides adoring vintage clothing, she always had extremely short hair. After her death, her son wanted to plan a funeral service with her unique style in mind. So, he immediately started working with the helpful staff at a respected funeral home in our hometown. After relaying his desires to the professional employees at the funeral home, my friend’s son decided to omit a viewing on the night before the funeral. Instead, he had the funeral home staff bring his mother’s body to the church two hours before the funeral service. He also gave anyone who wanted to speak at the funeral service an opportunity. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful ways the staff at a funeral home can help you plan a unique funeral for a loved one.

How To Memorialize A Loved One When The Family Choose Cremation


The cremation of a loved one does not end with the acceptance of the ashes. Some families want to have a funeral service to show how much the family member really meant. When you choose to have a cremation service, it is usually different from a traditional funeral. You have to consider etiquette, culture, family traditions and religion when thinking about how to remember the person. Read on to find out how to memorialize a loved one when the family chooses cremation.

Just Call It A Memorial Service

It is often called a memorial service when someone is cremated. A memorial service tends to have more of a casual flow. For example, the family may choose to not have a eulogy, but instead allows a spiritual leader to speak. A spiritual leader is similar to a guru or life coach. This person can guide someone through problems and life trials. Some families even decide to set time aside to allow guests to remember the deceased in their own way.

Ask For Something Else In The Place Of Flowers

It has been a tradition for years to send flowers when a family is grieving. However, funeral etiquette is changing. Some families may want pictures or donations to a charity instead of flowers. In a time where pictures are so plentiful, it gives families the opportunities to see their deceased loved ones in different moments. The family may even display the pictures in a collage to show at the memorial service.

Spread The Ashes

In traditional funerals, a burial service is held when the casket is taken to the cemetery. With cremation, you have the option to bury or spread the ashes. Some families may buy a burial plot at the cemetery and have a burial service. If you do not want to bury the ashes, then you can spread them or keep the ashes in an urn.

The ashes can be spread in a special location. For example, if your loved one enjoyed going to the beach, then you can have a private ceremony and spread them in the ocean. Another option is to spread them on the grave of another family member or at the local park.

You can also set up a memorial in your home. The cremains can be displayed in a urn as the centerpiece. It can also include pictures and candles.

It is hard to get over losing a loved one, but you have to learn to live with it. Memorial services allow us to reflect on the meaning of life and death. Contact a funeral home, like Michels & Lundquist Funeral Home, for more help.


30 December 2017