A Unique Funeral Service

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine passed away. This sweet woman was incredibly unique. Besides adoring vintage clothing, she always had extremely short hair. After her death, her son wanted to plan a funeral service with her unique style in mind. So, he immediately started working with the helpful staff at a respected funeral home in our hometown. After relaying his desires to the professional employees at the funeral home, my friend’s son decided to omit a viewing on the night before the funeral. Instead, he had the funeral home staff bring his mother’s body to the church two hours before the funeral service. He also gave anyone who wanted to speak at the funeral service an opportunity. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful ways the staff at a funeral home can help you plan a unique funeral for a loved one.

What To Include In A Funeral Service Program


When planning funerals, some people choose to have programs printed out for mourners. These programs give everyone an idea of what to expect during the services as well as the estimated times for each part of the day. If you are considering this option as you plan a funeral for a loved one, here are a few things you can include in the programs.

Cover Photo

Funeral programs can also be used as a keepsake, giving mourners a way to remember the services as well as their loved one who has passed away. Consider having a photo of the dearly departed printed on the cover, along with his or her name. Choose a photo that captures the way you want to remember your loved one, and work with your funeral home director to ensure you submit a digital file that's sized appropriately for use at the printer's shop.

Text For Prayers And Hymns

Some people in attendance may not be familiar with the religious customs of your family, but you can help to make everyone feel more included by incorporating the text for prayers and hymns into the program. By having the wording printed out, people can follow along during the services. If you'll have several prayers or hymns performed, dedicate a few pages in the program to them.

Order Of The Day

The first interior page of the program should have the order of events happening throughout the day. Include times and durations for each portion of the service, such as when the final visitation begins and ends as well as when the graveside service is expected to begin. If there will be a luncheon to follow, remember to include the address of the restaurant or home where it will be held.

Donation Information

If your loved one has requested donations to be made to a local charity in lieu of flowers, dedicate one page to the charity. Provide information about how to reach the organization, including the email address, mailing address, and website. You may also want to include a few words about why this cause was important to the deceased. For example, if your relative was a volunteer for a local food pantry, discuss this on the donations page. This will help people to learn more about your loved one while also giving them the opportunity to carry on his or her legacy.

Your funeral home director can help you locate a printer and choose a layout for the programs. In some cases, he or she may also be able to help with the wording so you have a bit less to worry about when planning the events of the day.


5 January 2018