A Unique Funeral Service

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine passed away. This sweet woman was incredibly unique. Besides adoring vintage clothing, she always had extremely short hair. After her death, her son wanted to plan a funeral service with her unique style in mind. So, he immediately started working with the helpful staff at a respected funeral home in our hometown. After relaying his desires to the professional employees at the funeral home, my friend’s son decided to omit a viewing on the night before the funeral. Instead, he had the funeral home staff bring his mother’s body to the church two hours before the funeral service. He also gave anyone who wanted to speak at the funeral service an opportunity. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful ways the staff at a funeral home can help you plan a unique funeral for a loved one.

The Basics Of Cremation


Whether you are currently planning the funeral of a loved one or you are preplanning your own, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you want to go with a burial or a cremation. Depending on your religious beliefs and your family customs, cremation may make more sense than a traditional burial. If you don't know much about it though, then you may not even know where to begin. This article will dive a little bit deeper into the basics of cremation to help you determine whether or not it's the right solution for you. 

1. What Is Cremation? 

The cremation process is something that has been done for hundreds of years. During this process, the human body is put in a cremation chamber. While the body is in the cremation chamber, it is exposed to extreme heat and evaporation, which will help break down the body and turn it into ashes. This entire process is done in only about one to three hours on average. 

2. Why Cremation? 

People choose cremation over a burial for a variety of different reasons. A few of those reasons include: 

  • They are fearful of being buried in the ground
  • Burials tend to be a lot more expensive
  • Their religious beliefs support it
  • They want their family to have their remains to hold onto 
  • They want their ashes to be spread throughout places that they love
  • It takes up less space on the earth because you're not being buried in a crowded cemetery

3. How to Tell If Cremation Is the Way to Go

If you are making this decision on behalf of someone else, things can be a bit tricky; especially if they didn't make their wishes known before they passed away. If you feel like cremation aligns more with your loved one's belief system, then you may want to move forward with it. 

If you are making the decision for yourself, then things are obviously a lot more personal. Ask yourself what is your goal in being buried. Is it to have people come visit your gravesite? Or, do you like the idea of your loved ones carrying around your cremains with them as a source of comfort? Talk with your loved ones and ask them what they prefer. Then you can make a decision that you feel is best for both you and your family after you have passed on. 

For more information, contact a funeral home that offers cremation funeral services


12 November 2019