A Unique Funeral Service

Earlier this year, a close friend of mine passed away. This sweet woman was incredibly unique. Besides adoring vintage clothing, she always had extremely short hair. After her death, her son wanted to plan a funeral service with her unique style in mind. So, he immediately started working with the helpful staff at a respected funeral home in our hometown. After relaying his desires to the professional employees at the funeral home, my friend’s son decided to omit a viewing on the night before the funeral. Instead, he had the funeral home staff bring his mother’s body to the church two hours before the funeral service. He also gave anyone who wanted to speak at the funeral service an opportunity. On this blog, I hope you will discover the wonderful ways the staff at a funeral home can help you plan a unique funeral for a loved one.

How To Help A Loved One Plan A Funeral


Whether someone is planning a funeral for someone they have recently lost or they are doing some pre-planning for themselves, you can be helpful to someone as they explore funeral homes and start the often-emotional funeral planning process.

Funeral services can be difficult to plan for someone who is so dramatically impacted by the death of a loved one, so stepping in to help a loved one make rational and timely decisions can make the planning process much easier. Here are ways you can help.

Be the one to help them stay focused

When a loved one is visiting funeral homes overwhelmed, then they need someone by their side to help them stay focused. Be that person for a loved one, offering your guidance and suggestions based on what you know your loved one enjoys or can afford for funeral services. You can be especially helpful in funeral homes helping a loved one select a casket or urn or with other more delicate tasks as part of the funeral planning process.

Be the one who helps them feel less alone

Sometimes a person knows just how to plan a funeral because they have been left with direct instructions, a will, or they just have their mind set on their choice of a funeral home and other decisions. However, what they might need is the presence of a person they love and trust as they make these final plans so they can stay in a positive mindset and not feel alone. You may be required to just attend funeral services and other related appointments as a silent supporter, offering support in a more direct way only periodically.

Be the one who lets them be human

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can have, and while your loved one may appear stoic and in control, they might feel anything but. You can be the person to offer a shoulder to cry on and be the one to let them feel human for just a moment while they go through funeral homes and plan the final touches of a funeral service for someone they love most.

A funeral director will be accommodating to your loved one's needs if they need you and other friends and family to help them plan funeral services. To help get the funeral planning process going, call funeral homes for your loved one if they aren't ready to do that themselves yet.


7 February 2022