Ways To Avoid Missing Peoples' Heartwarming Stories During A Funeral


In the hours and days that follow a loved one's funeral, you may find yourself trying to remember the heartwarming stories that people told you. Doing so may initially come easily, although as time passes, it may be difficult to recall certain details — and they may soon be lost forever. In the challenging time after a loved one's passing, such stories can provide you and your family with a significant amount of comfort, so it's important to think of some ways to capture them.

23 January 2018

Things To Keep In Mind If You Want A Loved One's Headstone Illuminated At Night


When you're figuring out the details for a headstone for a recently deceased loved one, you may be entertaining the idea of having it illuminated at night. Although some cemeteries are closed at dusk, others remain open around the clock, which can make the headstone feel welcoming if you're visiting in the dark. Additionally, you may just like the cozy feeling that you get from seeing the headstone lit up on a gray day.

19 January 2018

Cremation Funeral Services: Arranging For A Viewing


When your loved one chooses cremation, you may still want to have a viewing before the cremation process occurs. There are many options you can choose from to make this part of the funeral one that provides closure for your family. Here are a few options to consider when planning a viewing before cremation. Family Viewing For some families, having a viewing at the funeral home directly before the service is performed provides the closure needed.

17 January 2018

Planning A Funeral Reception: Four Things To Consider


Hosting a funeral reception can be a way for friends and family to gather after the funeral services are complete, or it can be held in conjunction with a viewing before the funeral begins. The reception offers a way to honor your loved one while also sharing a meal with family and friends. If you are considering hosting a funeral reception, here are a few things to consider as you plan.

10 January 2018

Tips For Planning A Cremation Service With Someone You Don't Know


Planning a cremation service alone can be challenging on an emotional level when you're in mourning. If you're in a situation where you need to plan the service with a stranger, it can be intimidating. However, it can be a pleasant experience for all as you strive to celebrate the memory of your lost loved one. Follow these tips when planning a cremation service with a stranger. Address the Elephant in the Room 

9 January 2018

Economical Funeral Service Options


The passing on of a loved one is stressful enough without the added financial burden. There's the casket, the hearse, embalming fees, cemetery charges; the list is endless. Arranging a funeral service can be an expensive affair and beyond the reach of many families. So how can you make it affordable yet dignified to plan a funeral? Research and Compare Costs Funeral homes are required by law to give an itemized price list on request.

9 January 2018

What To Include In A Funeral Service Program


When planning funerals, some people choose to have programs printed out for mourners. These programs give everyone an idea of what to expect during the services as well as the estimated times for each part of the day. If you are considering this option as you plan a funeral for a loved one, here are a few things you can include in the programs. Cover Photo Funeral programs can also be used as a keepsake, giving mourners a way to remember the services as well as their loved one who has passed away.

5 January 2018

3 Reasons To Consider Cremation Instead Of Traditional Burial


Are you currently in the process of making out your last wishes so that people will know what you want to happen after you pass on? Have you been trying to decide where you want your final resting place to be? While a traditional burial is a fine option for many people, you may want to give some thought to being cremated instead of simply being buried. There are many advantages to choosing cremation over burial, some of which are:

31 December 2017

How To Memorialize A Loved One When The Family Choose Cremation


The cremation of a loved one does not end with the acceptance of the ashes. Some families want to have a funeral service to show how much the family member really meant. When you choose to have a cremation service, it is usually different from a traditional funeral. You have to consider etiquette, culture, family traditions and religion when thinking about how to remember the person. Read on to find out how to memorialize a loved one when the family chooses cremation.

30 December 2017

3 Benefits Of Planning Your Own Funeral Service


One thing that most people don't really think about is their own funeral service.  However, this is something that more people should take the time to think out and plan in advance. Planning your own funeral is often a very good idea and there are several benefits to doing it this way. Here are three benefits of planning your own funeral service. You Get Exactly What You Want Your funeral service is completely for you, so the hope is that it will be something that reflects your life and is something that you would be proud of.

27 December 2017